Our Services
All types of patternComprehensive pattern manufacturing for diverse industries, ensuring precision and attention to detail.
Casting ProcurementEfficient and reliable sourcing of high-quality castings, ensuring timely delivery and quality standards.
SPM Designs with DurabilityCustomized Special Purpose Machines (SPM) designed for durability, efficiency, and optimized production.
MachiningPrecision machining services delivering high-quality components and parts to meet your specifications.
Casting Defect Solution with SimulationAdvanced simulation techniques to identify and rectify casting defects, optimizing quality and processes.
3D ScanningAccurate 3D scanning services for reverse engineering, prototyping, and quality control.
Various ModelingComprehensive modeling services including CAD, CAM, and CAE, supporting efficient design processes.
Designing Solution at One StopCreative and functional one-stop designing solutions from concept to final design.